Wholesale products in Zoodel from traders, manufacturers, suppliers, importers for export to, import from Silk Road countries via B2B marketplace web portal to do E-commerce business bulk buy with easy shipping.

Cross-border B2B Marketplace for Non-sanctioned Products

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  • Company Verification

    Get Verified, Gain More Business
    • Display your verification seal.
    • Verified Sellers are highly valued by Buyers.
    • Maximize your business opportunities.
  • Secure Payment

    Make Payments with Confidence
    • Reduce risk of fraud and misrepresentation.
    • Trade safely and securely using ZoodPay.
    • Pay only upon orderly receipt of goods.
  • Inspection Services

    Have Your Goods Inspected
    • Use independent third-party inspectors.
    • Get comprehensive inspection reports.
    • Ensure your supplies are cost-effective.
  • Logistics Services

    Gain Competitive Shipping Rates
    • Find your appropriate shipping method.
    • Choose from a range of logistics providers.
    • Select your best rate and track your goods.
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How It Works
How It Works
Benefit from buying factory-direct
  • Get quick replies and communication
  • Gain the best price for your supplies
  • Order safely from verified producers
  • Use our hotline assistance 24/7
How It Works
Avoid unnecessary intermediaries
  • Benefit from no commissions
  • Order your supplies with just a few clicks
  • Trade safely using a secure payment
  • Make quick and efficient deals
How It Works
Find competitive rates
  • Choose from a range of inspectors
  • Have your supplies thoroughly checked
  • Get your supplies delivered as needed
  • Select your appropriate shipping method
How It Works