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Antifreeze agent "Antifrost Acryl" for paints and plasters
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Product Details

  • Kaizer
  • Kazakhstan
  • Antifreeze additive for paints, primers and plasters, allowing to work at low temperatures - up to minus 15 ° C. Allows paint, or plaster to withstand several freezing cycles
  • Water, functional additives, preservative.
  • "Antifrost Acryl" of "Kaizer" brand is designed to prevent the freezing of water-soluble primers, paints and plasters. When added to the paint, or plaster it prevents the formation of ice crystals in the coating layer, which allows you to work at low temperatures.
  • About 0.25 kg per 25 kg of paint, or plaster depending on the air temperature and the surface at which the work will be performed. The most reliable method of accurately determining the flow rate is to carry out a trial addition and coverage.
  • 0.5 l

Company Information

  • Bakarassov Concern
  • 2006
  • Almaty - KAZAKHSTAN
  • Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Supplier
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