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Kharatin lotion For Volunteer Muscles And Genital Organs,Nooshdarou Alborz Co
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The Larjar Cream Lotion is based on traditional medicine and according to the standards of day production.

According to the documentation in traditional medicine, the effect of dry powder from the earthworm in Olive Orange is very effective as a member of the muscle and its properties have been proven. For many years, this product is suitable for people of different sexes as a safe preparation in traditional Iranian and Chinese medicine. Iroodic is thought to be a voluminous muscle. The earthworm has the ability to repair and produce protein, and has been used for muscle volume since ancient times.
"Mozaman" in the word means fat and overweight, and the use of this oil as a topical can increase the volume and richness of the member.
Since the product is of natural origin and free of any hormones, chemicals and preservatives, and the nature of its raw materials is safe and non-compliant, both men and women can be used.

Larrier Lotion for women:
Extensible muscle can be used to increase muscle shape and species, body, breasts and hips

Larrier Lotion For Kids:
Volumizing muscles that can be used to increase muscle mass in bodybuilding and volume-building of the muscles of the face and body, and especially the genital organs.
Larrier Lotion Consumption:
Once every 3 ml every 2 ml
It is recommended that this product be regularly used for at least three months.

How to use Larrier's Cream Lotion:
First, shake the bowl containing the Larrier Lotion to allow the solution to become uniform, and after washing the position, rub the appropriate amount of solution onto the member and continue until the patient's full impregnation. Then continue for a few minutes to massage until better absorption of the face Accept
Use in topical application on the chest after washing and rubbing the oil periodically from outside to the inside and on the nipple. If necessary, massage the oil with a special breast bat to obtain a better result.

In topical use for male organs, after applying the massage to the member of the massage, localized, repeatedly rolling the roll on the length and line below the penis and head of the warts, to approximately the appropriate extent from the larrigan lotion to the rubble on the stretch. Massage by ringing the index finger and thumb around the penis from the body to the tip of the penis and continue until oil is absorbed.

In order to harden the muscles and muscles, you can rub and massage on the desired position before doing physical and physical activity to absorb the skin.

If heated, a better result will be achieved.

Non-use items and recommended ingredients Larrier Lotion:

  • Unused cases of unfulfilled use In people who are susceptible to susceptibility Apply some oil to the inside of the arm. After a few hours, check the area. If redness and allergic reaction are not observed, it can be used.
  • Note that do not use in open wounds.
  • Do not use in pregnancy and lactation.
  • Avoid touching the larrigue lotion with the areas around the eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Larrier Lotion does not eat corns and refer to the doctor if you are eating.

Maintenance :

Keep children away from heat and light at 22 ° C (normal room temperature).

How to supply:

The Larjar Cretaceous Lotion is manufactured by Alborz Drinking Company and supplied as a two-phase oil in a 30-mL glass bottle with Rollin with a brochure inside the box.

Company Information

  • Noosh Darou Alborz
  • 2011
  • 20
  • Alborz - IRAN
  • Manufacturer
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  • 100 Piece Per Order
  • 3 Days
  • 22 x 11 x 10 CM
  • 146 Gram(s)

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