Wholesale, bulk buy of Liquid Xylene - Colorless, Solvent, Used In Printing, Rubber, Paint & Industrial Grade Leather Industries - Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Company from manufacturers, traders, suppliers, exporters Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Trading Companyto do import, export in Silk Road countries - Hydrocarbon & Derivativesat Zoodel E-commerce B2B marketplace webportal

Product Details

  • Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse
  • Solvent in printing, plastics, paint and leather industries
  • Colorless liquid
  • Industrial Grade
  • Iran
  • C8H10
  • Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Trading Company
  • 2012
  • 23
  • Zanjan - IRAN
  • Service Provider, Trader, Distributor, Supplier, Retailer, Buying House, Importer, Buyer-Company
  • http://hadiankhamse.zoodel.com
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