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Natural Comb Honey 450 g - Azar Kandoo
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Product Details

  • Azar Kandoo
  • Iran
  • 6
  • 450 g
  • 3 kg
  • 6260447111019


Honey wax has unique properties due to the presence of many nutrients and is used to treat many diseases. Honey wax is effective in treating dry coughing and whitish skin diseases. The contents of honey bees are known as a strong antibiotic in medicine. According to the properties listed by Golshkhard Azarkando, we have been producing a product that, in addition to the good taste of honey, you can also use wax. This product is available in 450 grams packaging.
The versatility in packaging and the true taste of Azar Kando products has made this collection one of the most successful producers in the field.
Unfortunately, the growth of the industry has caused environmental degradation, while Azar Kanduo has taken steps to protect the environment by producing products that are not harmful to the environment.

Company Information

  • Golshahd Azar Kandoo
  • 81
  • Tabriz - IRAN
  • Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Supplier
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  • 7 Days
  • 3 Kilo(s)

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