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Polypropylene sheet Sky Industrial Group
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PP sheet extruded: natural, colored, with UV stab, foamed, frost-resistant.
Sheet thickness: 1-30 mm.
Dimensions of sheets: Width up to 1500 mm, length is not regulated
Polypropylene sheet - is made of polymer raw materials by extrusion. The raw material for the production of sheets is the granulate of block copolymer polypropylene-ethylene (PPC) or homogeneous polypropylene (PPH).
Basic properties of polypropylene sheet.
In many respects, polypropylene advantageously differs from other materials. It practically does not show hygroscopicity, has excellent chemical stability in most corrosive environments, is used in organic and inorganic concentrated and diluted acids, is an excellent dielectric. Polypropylene has a low water and gas permeability. Depending on the temperature conditions, it has both elastic and plastic properties. Relative mechanical characteristics of polypropylene allow to create stronger structures with the same mass than steel ones. The strength limit for statistical loading of polypropylene products is 3-4 times greater than that of similar products made of polyethylene. Copolymers of propylene with ethylene and other polymers significantly increase its frost resistance, toughness, while reducing the tendency to cracking.

The monolithic sheets produced by us, as well as the welding rod, are made from polypropylene block copolymers. The high quality of our sheets is provided by the use of modern technology of extrusion of polymers. The production complex is equipped with modern extrusion lines. In production, high-impact, frost-resistant brands of polypropylene copolymers from the world's leading manufacturers are used. Production of polypropylene sheets is a modern innovative production, which has wide possibilities in the field of sheet materials processing.

Company Information

  • Sky Industrial Group
  • 2011
  • 40
  • Tehran - KAZAKHSTAN
  • Manufacturer
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  • 3600 Metric Tons Per Order
  • 10 days

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