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Silk Roopad ( Interior Wall Covering Materials)
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Product Details

  • Modern
  • Roopad
  • Iran
  • Wall Coating
  • Color synthetic fibers, acropad, resins, paints, lubricants, anti-static powder and other additives
  • Sound and thermal


  • Easy to apply

  • Possible to increase or decrease percentage of yarns

  • Covering the cracks

  • In different colors and desings

  • Instruction: add 6-8 kg water to the dry material and combine them and make a platy mortar, then use plastic trowel

Company Information

  • Faraz Fam Ara
  • 2015
  • Tehran - IRAN
  • Manufacturer, Service Provider, Distributor
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  • 100000 Kilograms Per Order
  • P.P bags Dry and pasty

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