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Business Verified

An important factor in the establishment of new business partnerships, both domestic and international, is the mutual trust and credibility of the business partners.

On top of identity verification, Zoodel.com provides its premium members with a more detailed business background verification of potential trading partners. Business Verified Buyers & Sellers benefit from:

  • Increased credibility and trustworthiness,
  • Access easier to higher value trade insurance,
  • Faster responses from new trading partners,
  • Better chances to grow their sales potential and
  • Enhanced confidence in successfully closing new trades.

This is how Business Verification works in four simple steps:


Buyers and Sellers become premium members at Zoodel.com

Buyers & Sellers become premium members at Zoodel.com

  • Buyers & Sellers fill out all the necessary company profile and main contact information during their registration at Zoodel.com.

  • Identity Verified status (seal) is confirmed to Buyers & Sellers by Zoodel.com.

  • Buyers & Sellers select the monthly or annual subscription plan to become premium members of Zoodel.com.


Zoodel.com gets authorized by Buyers and Sellers

Zoodel.com gets authorized by Buyers & Sellers

  • Buyers & Sellers provide Zoodel.com with their company origination documents as well as an authorization to contact relevant government authorities in order to verify their business and credit performance.

  • Moreover, company authorization enables Zoodel.com to double-check the validity and orderly possession of relevant trade licenses.


Zoodel.com performs business performance verification

Zoodel.com performs business performance verification

  • Within one working week from registering the company profile information at Zoodel.com, Zoodel experts perform a series of checks with relevant government authorities to confirm the most recent business performance of the company as well as its ability to meet its obligations (tax, customs, credit institutions and relevant suppliers) within the past 12 months.


Zoodel.com confirms - Business Verified - status

Zoodel.com confirms "Business Verified" status

  • Upon successful verification of the business background information, Buyers & Sellers receive the prestigious "Business Verified Buyer" or "Business Verified Seller" status (seal) on Zoodel.com.

  • Buyers & Sellers thus can attest a positive past payment history and their business maturity further increasing their business potential!!!