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entrance doors steel fire-prevention TOO TPK Altyn
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Product Details

  • from a strong cold-rolled steel using a metal profile.
  • 45mm
  • 1,2mm
  • 2mm


Open Company TPK Altyn offers you steel doors for a cosiness and safety of your house.

Strengthening, stiffeners, filler-glasswool URSA. We produce doors of standard sizes and according to the size of the client. Also at the request of the client: color, lock, door closer, ventilation grill, observation window, "antipanic" lock, double glazing. Installation, measurement, dismantling. Prices from 70000 tenge

Company Information

  • Trade-Industrial Company "ALTYN" LLP
  • 2001
  • Almaty - KAZAKHSTAN
  • Manufacturer, Supplier
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