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Zoodel Online Wholesale Marketplace

Wholesale Market at your Fingertips

Our mission in Zoodel is to provide a safe & secure online platform to satisfy your trade needs. The buyers experience a successful purchase at its best by accessing various numbers of verified sellers, whom they can contact directly and find the best price.


Zoodel: How it works

You can find your desired product or supplier by searching in Zoodel website. Besides, you can manage and track all your RFQs & orders in one place through your account panel. You are also able to send your RFQ to multiple suppliers by one click, or add they products directly to your shopping cart and place your order by paying through Zoodel secure payment.


How to buy in Zoodel

In Zoodel, you can buy products directly from buyers in two ways: “direct online purchase” and “RFQ”. In “direct online purchase” method, you can make your purchase online at wholesale price and receive it at the desired location. In “RFQ” method, you should first send your request to the respective buyer(s), who will then review your request, check the product availability, confirm your order and inform you the final price, afterwards, you can place your purchase request through the Zoodel platform.


Secure payments for greater reliability in trade

In order to increase reliability and safety of wholesale purchases, the buyers transfer the total sum of their orders online to Zoodel’s bank account, which will remain in our account as escrow, until the seller delivers the products. After confirmation of the order and its condition by the buyer, the amount will be transferred to the seller’s account. In this manner, we can decrease the risk of buyers to minimum.