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Welcome to the new generation of Wholesale Marketplace


In case you wish to cooperate with us as seller, first click on registration button in website’s menu, and select “register as seller”. Then you may read this page and choose one of Zoodel’s membership packages. For more information or to activate your account, you are asked to contact the number +982191070295. Our “Seller’s Affairs” team will activate your account.


How Zoodel helps you?

By joining zoodel and choosing one of the membership packages below, you gain access to broad specter of domestic and cross-border buyers, and will be able to and promote your business not only in domestic market, but also to export your products to Zoodel's target countries. What’s more, by providing verification of domestic buyers’ in the platform, Zoodel contributes to greater reliability and safety in trade transactions on a secure and clear platform.


Target Market for WholesaleDomesticDomestic + Cross Border
Marketing and
Search Engine Optimization
Receive RFQ
Secure Payment
Direct Online Sale
Individual Control Panel
Translation of Products from Persian
to Arabic & English
Priority Ranks in Showing Products
Dedicated support
Access to Trade Statistics
(Export Data Map)
Yearly Fee35,000,000 IRR55,000,000 IRR


How to sell products on Zoodel?

You can sell your products on Zoodel using two following methods:

1- Request for quote (RFQ):  In this method, the buyer sends you an RFQ after seeing your product, its price and description. You can review buyers’ RFQs in your user panel and inform them about products availability, latest price and trading terms. The buyer then will review your offer and make a payment to Zoodel secure account (without any fees) or by contacting the seller directly.

2- Direct online sale:  The sellers working in Food, Health or Cosmetics sectors, can activate “direct online sale” on their products and sell their products wholesale directly online without receiving RFQs. They shall pay Zoodel a commission of 2-5% on their sales depending on their category. In this method, the buyers can place products from different sellers in their cart, and finalize their order by paying the order price online. (This commission applies only to online direct sale, and sales through received RFQs are commission free.)


    How Zoodel increases reliability in trade using Secure Payment?

    In order to increase the reliability of wholesale trading, after receiving the price and placing an order on Zoodel Platform, buyers are required to pay the total price of the order online to Zoodel’s account, so that we can reduce sellers’ risks to a minimum. The total price of order remains in our account as escrow, until the seller has shipped the respective products to buyers, and will be transferred to seller’s account after delivery. This way, you don’t need to worry about non-payment by buyers, and risks of fraud are reduced to a minimum.