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Sell on Zoodel

Wholesale Target MarketDomesticDomesticDomestic + Cross Border
Marketing and Content Optimization in Search Engines
Receive and Respond to RFQs
Free Use of Escrow Account
Publish Products in All Categories
Translation of Products from Farsi to English & Arabic from Farsi by our Specialists
Priority Rank in Displaying Products Catalogue on Zoodel Website
Direct Online Sale2-5% Commission2-5% Commission2-5% Commission
Dedicated Support
Access to Trade Statistics (Export Data Map)
PriceNo Membership Fee35,000,000 IRR55,000,000 IRR


What is “Direct Online Sale”?

Sellers with published products in “Food”, Cosmetics” and “Home Appliances” Categories have the opportunity to enable the option “Direct Online Sale” on their products, which allows them to sell their products directly online without receiving RFQs from Buyers, and pay 2-5% commission, depending on the categories of the products sold. In this method, Buyers can fill their shopping carts with products of different sellers, and place their orders by paying the amount due through the Payment Gateway.

For more information, you may contact us by calling +982191070295, and our sales experts will help you select the type of membership suitable for you.


What is “Basic Membership”?

This kind of membership is solely for sellers in “Food”, Cosmetics” and “Home Appliances” categories. Sellers with Basic Membership are unable to publish products in other categories, and in case they need to, they should obtain either a Silver or Golden Membership. Furthermore, Sellers with Basic Membership should keep the prices updated at all times, and make sure the products are available, should any orders be placed.

Remark 1: Products with online sale enabled in “Food”, Cosmetics” and “Home Appliances” categories will be displayed by default above other products without online sales (sale through RFQ).

Remark 2: If desired, Sellers with Basic Membership can improve the ranking of their products and display them in a higher position by updating to Golden Membership.