Zoodel Premium Membership

Zoodel Membership

Communication and Marketing  
List your Products on Zoodel Marketplace20
Access Zoodel Marketplace in Multiple Languages (in English, Farsi, Russian, Turkish, Arabic & Chinese)
Get your B2B Customized Web Store (in English, Farsi, Russian, Turkish & Arabic)
Manual Translation of all your products' attributes and automated translation of product's description in 5 languages (English, Farsi, Russian, Turkish & Arabic)
Request a Quotation from any Seller
Receive a request for Quotation from any Buyer
Access thousands of Public and Private Tenders across the Silk Road countries
Company Verification  
Identity Verified (Company Credentials Double-checked)
Business Verified (Business Performance Authenticated)
Supply Chain Services  
Have your Products Inspected
VIP Sourcing Services (follow up to Request For Quotation)
Hotline Support