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Siv Shampoo
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Product Details

  • Healthy Apple Insignia, ISO Certificates, Standard Certificates
  • Siv
  • Iran
  • Color-Protection,Nourishing,Refreshing
  • Chemical
  • Adults
  • 1. Classic Shampoo, 2. Color Hair Shampoo, 3. 2*1 Shampoo, 4. Cooler Shampoo, 5. Clarifying Shampoo
  • Fluid
  • Hair
  • with Water
  • No
  • No
  • 400 gr, 750 gr
  • It can vary depending on the product and order quantity.
  • Carton: 12 pieces in each carton. Price, minimum order quantity and payment terms are negotiable.


1. Classic Shampoo: It will strengthen your hair and make them bright and healthy.
2. Color Hair Shampoo: Contains ultraviolet-absorbing materials. It will make dyed hair easier to comb.
3. 2*1 Shampoo: It supplies hair's natural moisture and keep it antistatic.
4. Cooler Shampoo: Contains protein, vitamins, and menthol coolness and freshness.
5. Clarifying Shampoo: Contains protein. It will make your hair shinier.

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