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Semi Refined Paraffin Wax - 1% to 3%
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Product Details

  • Semi Refined
  • Solid
  • Candle Making
  • Iran
  • 0.2 Y IP-17
  • 60 C ASTM D938
  • 1 - 3% ASTM D721
  • 7-8 CST ASTM D445
  • 11 MM/S ASTM D937
  • 56 C ASTM D097
  • 250 C ASTM D092
  • 65 - 77 C ASTM D127
  • Paraffin Wax products are packed in cartons that has Carnava Brand on it, Each carton contains six slabs of Paraffin Wax and has 29.5 kg weight.


Paraffin Wax (Hard Paraffin) is a mixture of solid parafiin with a high percentage of saturated liner hydrocarbons. It is produced in two grades, industrial and pharmaceutical, which is available in granule and slab.


Paraffin Wax is used as raw material for making candles, waterproofing of paper and textiles, polishing, tire industry (always in the form of granule), masterbatch producing and etc.

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