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Synolex Compo
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Product Details

  • Base Oil
  • Other
  • Compressor Oil
  • Industrial Lubricant
  • Iran
  • For use in normal temperature and conditions in most of air compressors
  • For use in most sever conditions of air compressors or when one of following oils are recommended
  • For use in advanced air compressors or in compressed reactive gasses
  • Based on refrigerant used in compressor, we will recommend you appropriate lubricant


Synolex Compo oils, are specially designed using advanced additive and base oil technology to meet high demanding standards of compressor applications.
Synolex Compo oils are very clean working and very resistant against rust, oxidation, temperature and shear and their application is guaranteed.

Synolex Flushex : Machinery Cleaning Oil
Before using this oil, flush the machine with Synolex Flushex and run it for 10 minutes.