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Coolant Fluid - Ecco V
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Ecco V OAF

Coolant Fluid


·         ASTM D-3306 For light-duty diesel and gasoline automotives

·         ISIRI 338

·         ZAMYAD Approval


Ecco V OAF (Anti-freeze, anti-boil, anti-corrosion) fluid is produced based on ethylene glycol and suitable additives in order to prevent engine inner parts from corrosion and rust.



·         This product is designed to use in light-duty diesel and gasoline automotives

·         In industrial internal combustion engines where coolant system require a rust and corrosion inhibitor


·         General formulation for both automotive and light-duty diesel engine according to ASTM D3306

·         Suitable for all weather conditions

·         Protect cooling system against freezing and corrosion

·         Excellent heat transfer properties

·         Compatible with cooling system filters

·         Compatible with washers, water pump seals, elastomer parts found in most cooling systems

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