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Ecco V ATF III (Automatic Transmission Fluid)
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Product Details

  • Anti-wear
  • Other
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  • Automotive Lubricant
  • Ecco V
  • Iran
  • 7
  • 190
  • 180
  • -36
  • ≤ 20000
  • 860
  • 200 Metric Tons Per Order
  • This product is offered in 1 liter package and 208 liters drum.



Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF III)

- Dexron IIIG
- Mercon
- Allison C-4
- Caterpillar TO-2

Ecco V ATF III  is produced using premium paraffinic hydro-finished base oil extracted from lube cut refining of crude oil and special additives with excellent transmission, anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties. 

Applicable in all automatic gearboxes, hydraulic steering box for types of cars and hydraulic systems of many industrial machines.

This product is offered in drum.

- High thermal and oxidation stability which prevents formation of varnish, sludge and deposits and increases the transmission system performance.
- Suitable anti-wear properties in order to increase transmission system life
- Low temperature fluidity which leads to easy lubricating and decreasing transmission drop in starting-up temperature
- Control of foam amount in order to improve lubricating and friction & wear control in hard operating conditions
- Match between oil and all kinds of seals in transmission parts 

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