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Ecco V HT8810 (Heat transmission oil)
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Product Details

  • HT8810
  • Base Oil
  • Other
  • Other
  • Industrial Lubricant
  • Ecco V
  • Iran
  • 0.877
  • 22-25
  • 3.68-4.3
  • 198
  • 222
  • 200 Metric Tons Per Order
  • It is offered in 208 liters drums.


Heat synthetic oil

With unique operation range and reliability

Ecco V HT8810


Ecco V HT is heat transfer synthetic oil based on alkyl biphenyl with excellent function and stability and long life. The main reason of precious operation of Ecco V HT is the stability of alkyl biphenyl molecular structure at atmospheric pressure.

Using of heater causes we do not encounter gradually reduction of oil in apparatus and so, the maintenance cost is very low. The very suitable quality of Ecco V HT economizes on running funds costs.

 Ecco V HT is used in many of heat transfer processes in different industries such as cement, tar, asphalt, wood, detergent industries and …

Ecco V HT heat transfer oil usable in 20-290°C, is applied in the most heating and coolant chains in order to retrieve heat energy.

Ecco V HT is formulated in a way that has the least volatile materials and is prevented of forming insoluble polymeric branches and precipitations.


Some of the heater specifications

Prolonged lifetime resistance against heat decomposition and oxidation which leads to excellent heat stability in high temperatures

Non formation of sludge suitable solubility for oxidation results which prevents of sludge formation

Easy to use low pour point which leads to easily use in winter

Easy to substitute capable of mixing with types of mineral oils which causes easily substitution of heater with other types of oils, without need to wash system

Adequate safety, very high flash point which prevents combustion. It is nontoxic and does not hurt human being.


Approved by research institute of petroleum industry to use in :

Different types of heat convertors with hot oil cycle and usable range of 20-290°C

Safety tips:

While applying the heater, considering these tips are essential.

This heater is produced of organic materials which are not identified as toxic, and are not seen any poisoning in staff who work with that, but it is necessary to avoid unessential contacting with skin and breathing the exhalant vapors for too long. While using this oil in food industries must be avoided leaking and mixing the oil to foodstuff. It must be considered safety tips in heater transportation just like other oils and must be avoided exposure to air in high temperatures and must be sure of closing its consumption cycle.


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