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Hydraulic Circulating Oil
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Product Details

  • Base Oil
  • Other
  • Other
  • Industrial Lubricant
  • Ecco V
  • Iran
  • 150
  • 150
  • 95
  • 235
  • -18
  • 890
  • pass- D1401
  • class 1a- D130
  • D 665, Method A - pass
  • 200 Metric Tons Per Order
  • This product is offered in drum.


Hydraulic circulating Oil

- DIN 51524 PART-1
- Denison HF-1
- U.S.Steel 126
- MIL-H-17672C
- AFNOR E-48600 HH/HL
- Cincinati Milacron P-38, P-45, P-54, P-55, P-62

Ecco V CX is produced using premium paraffinic hydro-finished base oil extracted from lube cut refining of crude oil and suitable additives in order to use in steel industry hydraulic systems. 
- This product is for lubricating hydraulic systems, gear and bearings which anti wear and EP properties is not necessary.
- For general lubricating of systems which are not in exposure of heavy loads or extreme wearing 

- Corrosion and rust Protection
- Excellent oxidation resistance
- Quick water separability
- Good air release capability
- No effect on copper alloys and decreasing their catalytic properties
- Quality accordance with most of presented performance levels for circulating oils 
This oil is available in ISO grades as 150-220-320 and 460.

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