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Ecco V VDL
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Product Details

  • Base Oil
  • Other
  • Other
  • Industrial Lubricant
  • Ecco V
  • Iran
  • 68
  • 68
  • 95
  • 215
  • -9
  • 880
  • 50/0 D-892
  • pass (D1401)
  • Class 1a (D 130)
  • Pass D 665
  • 200 Metric Tons Per Order
  • This product is offered in 208 L drums.


Air Compressor Turbine

  • DIN 51506-VDL

Ecco V VDL oil is produced using paraffinic base oil extracted from lube cut refining of crude oil and suitable additives.

  • Usage:

Suitable for use in types of compressors such as reciprocating, rotary, screw, centrifugal and etc.

  • Specification:
  • Piston ring and cylinder lubricating
  • Excellent lubricating of gears and bearings in rotary compressors
  • Reduction of coke formation in depletion valves and internal coolants that leads to increase compressor performance
  • Prolong oil life in circulating systems
  • Excellent water separability which leads to easy deplete existent moisture in circulating systems
  • Excellent air separability in rotary compressors
  • Corrosion and Rust protection
  • Excellent oxidation resistance

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