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Oxymel Syrup - 650 ml - Somayeh
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Product Details

  • Somayeh
  • Iran
  • 650 g
  • Glass bottle
  • 6260142540053
  • Each carton contains 12 pieces


Cranberry is one of the past as a traditional gustatory syrup and balancing body lotions.

The somonias syrup, with a good concentration, a pleasant color, and a delicious taste, will provide you with a delicious juice.

To make a drink of cranberry juice, lettuce with clover or in any other circumstances, Somayeh Snake Syrup is readily available to you.

Soya Soyabeh Properties of Somayeh:

  1. Thick, crisp and clear
  2. A delicious flavor with mint aroma
  3. Pasteurized
  4. Has the latest qualitative standards

Company Information

  • Aysan Taknam Pouya
  • 2010
  • Tehran - IRAN
  • Manufacturer, Supplier, Service Provider, Distributor
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  • 2 Days

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