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Cucumber Pickle Special - 680 gr - Somayeh
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Product Details

  • Somayeh
  • Iran
  • 680 g
  • Glass
  • 6260142540480
  • Each carton contains 12 pcs
  • 2 Days
  • 12 Piece


Pickled cucumber is a fermentation product that has the most effective ingredients in preventing undesirable food. This product is rich in vitamin C. It is therefore very useful for people with diabetes. Packing this product in addition to its healthiness, it also increases the shelf-life.

Somayeh Shorah Features:

  1. Cucumbers are crispy, fresh and disinfected
  2. Good taste with proper salinity
  3. Has the latest qualitative standards
Table of nutritional values ​​for 100 grams
19.4 kcal3.8 g0.6 g21.54 mg1.077 mg