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Remote Terminal (Net-Line FW5 - (RTU
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Product Details

  • Germany
  • Net-line FW5
  • SAE آلمان


NetWorks FW5 is a small, expandable terminal of the family of Series 5 products. This terminal with the possibility to install on DIN rail provides all the components needed for monitoring, control, logging and telecommunications control and automation systems .
This series can be configured and set up by connecting to the set IT software simply for various projects . Features such as Bluetooth configuration, USB and SD memory , and programming in PLC mode ( with the help of the codeIT program ) are another feature of this advanced device. There are also comparable numbers of analog and digital IOs on the device itself, as well as the ability to communicate with all standard protocols from the product's specifications .

The net-line FW-5 can be used in the following areas:
-As the terminal at the stations and posts are distributed and distributed
- As a monitoring and control device in various industries .
- As a monitoring and control device at gas pressure regulator stations
-As a system for collecting information and communication in the transmission of information and infrastructure applications
-renewable energy

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