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Beans - 900 gr Metallized Packet - Titehtalaei Brand
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Product Details

  • Titehtalaei
  • Iran
  • Iranian Keshavarzi beans (a.k.a Rashti beans)
  • 900 g
  • 100 * 200 * 19
  • Metallized packet
  • Quantity per carton: 10 packs; carton weight: 9 kg
  • Quantity per carton: 10 packets 900 grams, carton weight: 9 kg


Agricultural beans, known as Rashti beans, are one of the most potent beans most commonly used in the local northern cuisine of the country, including bean sprouts. This bean is rich in nutrients, including protein and carbohydrates, and can be used as a good alternative to protein.
If you decide to buy agricultural beans (Rashti), you can buy this product from Golden Tate Food Industries Inc., one of the leading producers of whole grains and cereals. Get the best price on chickpeas and beans from us, Zodel has a major retailer of beans and soybeans online, you can buy wholesale chickpeas and beans from the Zodel wholesale site. The company specializes in the supply, distribution and packaging of premium crushed domestic black and green tea crops in bulk and retail, and offers agricultural beans in 900 gram packaging. Golden Tate Company, by producing and selling agricultural beans in metallized packaging, offers its customers grains free of impurities, soil and pebbles and provides them with the right conditions for an enjoyable culinary experience. You can buy agricultural beans (plain) in 900 gram packages, serve several meals in a variety of Iranian dishes and salads.

Company Information

  • Hamyar Gostar baharan alborz
  • 2012
  • Tehran - IRAN
  • Distributor
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  • 10000 Cartons Per Order
  • 10 Days
  • 9 Kilo(s)
  • 10 Packs