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Sour Cherry Nectar - 200 cc - Mihan
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Product Details

  • Mihan
  • Iran
  • Cherry nectar
  • 200 cc
  • Tetracap
  • 9 months
  • 6260176808884
  • Number per carton: 36 juices 200 cc, weight of each carton: 7.2 kg
  • 5 Days
  • 7.2 Kilo(s)
  • 36 Piece


As you know, sour cherry juice has many properties that lower blood pressure, so it is useful for people with high blood pressure, it also lowers blood pressure and is recommended to treat anemia. Cherry juice also has zero properties and helps to expel kidney stones and gallstones. However, it is said that if water or sour cherry jam is mixed with a little fennel, it is very useful for expelling bladder stones and relieving heartburn. This fruit is diuretic and is useful for relieving kidney inflammation. It also helps to lose weight and lowers blood fats. Sour cherry juice is invigorating and has an antiseptic effect on the intestines and reduces gastritis. To buy wholesale nectar through Zodel site, get the wholesale price of nectar and buy a delicious drink at the best price. Zodel site has provided wholesale sales of syrups and juices in its online platform. Sour cherry catchers with a single package of 200 cc of Landland Homeland in bulk in 7 kg cartons in the online platform of Zodel wholesale are ready to be sold at the best price. Be.

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