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Breakfast Cream - 200 ml - Mihan
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Product Details

  • Mihan
  • Iran
  • 5 Days
  • 7.2 Kilo(s)
  • 36 Piece


Cream is a high-fat dairy product that has a different percentage of fat based on different classifications, but cream fat is usually at least 30% or more. Due to the presence of vitamin B2, the cream helps the growth and development of tissues such as skin, eyes, mucous membranes, reproductive organs, immune system and nerves. Other properties of the cream are to reduce stress in people and regulate the hormones that cause some mental disorders. It also improves mental problems such as depression and anxiety. Due to its calcium content, the cream also helps reduce premenstrual symptoms such as dizziness, mood swings and high blood pressure. As you know, protein is very important in hair growth, so other properties of the cream include the health of the hair, which prevents damage to the hair due to the protein in it. Hair care uses protein. Cream also improves the eyes because it contains vitamin A , which helps to strengthen vision in the eyes and keeps the eyes moist. In addition, vitamin A reduces the risk of cataracts and for patients. They are very useful when they have black water. Zodel site helps you get the bulk price of cream very easily and at high speed online. This product lasts for 6 months and is packed in 7.2 kg cartons. It is possible to buy wholesale Mihan products from Zodel wholesale platform, you can get the best dairy prices from Zodel .

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