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Melon Milk - 200 cc - Mihan
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Product Details

  • Mihan
  • Iran
  • 5 Days
  • 7.2 Kilo(s)
  • 36 Piece


Cantaloupe milk is a real purifier and detoxifier for the liver. Cantaloupe has antioxidant, sedative and antiseptic properties, strengthens the immune system and also prevents many diseases. If you are looking for a natural anticancer drug you can trust this drink. Cantaloupe milk is also useful for controlling blood cholesterol levels and preventing vascular obstruction as well as digestive function. This drink is recommended for regulating the body's metabolism as well as helping to lose weight. This combination helps to keep your body cooler, cooler and cooler in the summer by drinking cool cantaloupe milk. So do not hesitate to buy these products. Get the best price of flavored milk from Zudel site, Wholesale milk with special prices only on Zudel site, Get wholesale milk from us.

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