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Product Details

  • سن ایچ
  • Iran
  • Nectar
  • Orange-carrot
  • 300 days
  • Pet Bottle
  • The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet, each pallet contains 72 cartons and each carton contains 12 PET bottles.
  • 3 Days
  • 927 Kilo(s)
  • 72 Cartons


The combination of fruits such as carrots and oranges, which have similar colors and complementary nutritional value, has created a delicious drink and a unique blend. Orange and carrot nectar is a product with high taste and extraordinary properties that Alifard company has produced and supplied that you can get the wholesale price of St. Hek nectar on Zodel site. Nectar, which is a combination of water and natural fruit puree with other additives, contains about 30 to 50 percent natural juice. Among the delicacies with various flavors of Alifard Company, orange and carrot nectar is one of the most popular and high-quality drinks of San H brand. The combination of orange and carrot contains vitamins A, C and K, fiber, calcium, potassium and antioxidants. Oranges are rich in potassium, folic acid and vitamin C, which strengthen hair, skin, nails, collagen, lower cholesterol, prevent osteoarthritis, kidney stones and stomach ulcers, regulate blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and treat anemia. The fruits of this are wonderful. Carrots, which are in the category of vegetables, have many properties that can be combined with many fruits and create a wonderful taste. carrot juice; It is a low-calorie drink that provides the body with the calcium and potassium it needs, strengthens the immune system, strengthens eyesight, cures diarrhea and colds, and protects the skin. In general, Zodel has made it possible for you to get the best prices for different drinks and easily buy bulk juices through its online wholesale platform.