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Fruity Mix
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Product Details

  • سن ایچ
  • Iran
  • Nectar
  • Tropical fruits are a combination of pineapple, peach fruit, peach and mango
  • 300 days
  • Tetracap
  • The minimum order is 1 pallet, each pallet contains 72 cartons and each carton contains 12 drinks
  • 3 Days
  • 927 Kilo(s)
  • 72 Cartons


The drinks available in the market are very diverse and are produced in different flavors, and you can find the best prices for drinks on the Zodel website. Nectar; There are a number of these drinks that, depending on the type of fruit, from the dehydration of healthy and ripe fruits or from the dilution of a certain percentage of fruit concentrate or fruit puree with drinking water, edible acids, "flavoring", sugar and other additives to They come. In fact, the main ingredient in nectarines is at least 20% juice. In terms of taste, these drinks are similar to juices, and the only difference is that the juice is a fresh fruit extract, but nectar is not 100% pure juice and has other ingredients such as water, sweeteners, preservatives and preservatives. If you want to buy wholesale nectar , you can buy your desired product by visiting Zodel wholesale platform. Nectar is a mixture of tropical fruits, a combination of four pineapple, peach fruit, peach and mango fruits with a similar taste and aroma, which makes it taste unique and pleasant. Nutritional value per 240 ml of this drink includes; 132 kcal of energy, 12 mg of sodium, 120 mg of potassium, 32 g of carbohydrates, 140% of vitamin C, 30 g of sugar and 1 g of protein. This drink is rich in vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and fiber. The properties of this potassium bomb include regulating blood pressure and heart rate, preventing cardiovascular disease, constipation and quenching thirst, especially on hot days. The bulk sale of San H drinks is provided by Shadow Semen Distribution Company in Zodel online wholesale platform. You can enjoy the taste of these delicious fruits in all seasons and in any place by buying the nectar of San Hatch tropical fruits.

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