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Nano Chelated Fertilizer Potato Specific
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Product Details

  • Plant Food
  • Enriching the potato dynamically and flexibly
  • Khazra
  • Iran
  • Powder
  • Increase
  • In acid and alkaline soil
  • In water


Main Effects:

  • Increasing vegetative growth and rooting and the numbers of fertile flowers

  • Enhancing the quality of the protein material in the seed

  • Positive effects on rooting and providing resistance in potato against cold in winter, dormancy and early maturity.

  • Effective on tuberization and increasing plant resistance against cold and frosting, diseases and dormancy

  • Containing an appropriate combination of microelements to increase photosynthesis, correct nutrient transport to the tuber

  • Raising the quality and quantity in plants characters such as the leaf surface and the speed of product growth and boosting photosynthesis and complete inoculation, increasing the yield