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Hair Strengthening Solution - 4 Pcs. - Dria Nik
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Product Details

  • Hs5
  • 1
  • Dria Nik
  • Iran
  • Hair strengthening and whitening solution
  • Hair on the head and eyebrows
  • 4 30 ml solutions
  • 140 grams
  • Tehran
  • 2000 Packs Per Order
  • 1 Days
  • 11 x 3 x 9 CM
  • 140 Gram(s)


Myrtus communis is a small shrub with a stem height of 1 to 3 meters under normal conditions and evergreen, perennial, opposite, simple, spotted, dark and toothless leaves, dark green and fragrant. The flowers are relatively large and beautiful, white in color and have a special odor. The extract of the case has a disinfectant effect and is used in the treatment of local diseases. The extract has antibacterial properties and is rich in vitamin C. Belfarl is also an extract that strengthens eyebrows and eyelashes. The topical solution of Daria Nik Improvement Treatment Company has reached the stage of mass production by using advanced production technology in pharmaceutical factories. This herbal and organic product without chemical additives is offered in 30 ml packs and in 4 packages. The therapeutic effect of Belfarel's capabilities is such that it stops hair loss and eyebrow and eyelash growth and causes it to regrow and blacken. Hair loss on the head and face is often due to skin allergies or fungal infections, some bacteria and fungal infections in saprophytes. Proper conditions (skin oil) are activated and by secreting allergens and penetrating the hair follicles, they cause spoilage and destruction (hair loss). Myrtol in Belfarel is a strong antifungal and bactericidal agent that completely disinfects the skin and hair (scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelashes) and eliminates the damage caused by the activity of the above destructive factors. Materials such as dyes, dyes And the by-products of health products and even the metabolism of microorganisms cause skin sensitivity (inflammation and itching). In addition to causing dandruff, it causes them to wither, fade, and eventually fall out. It completely eliminates the sensitive and itchy extract and even treats pimples on the scalp and face.

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