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Cedar Soap - 100 gr - Gol kuh
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Product Details

  • Gol Kuh
  • Iran
  • Herbal soap
  • Cedar
  • 100 g
  • Emollient, moisturizing, strengthening, relieving pimples and itching and inflammation
  • All skin types
  • 100 Piece


Cedar is one of the plants that has been used since ancient times to wash skin and hair. This plant has a cool nature and causes the skin to cool down, remove pimples, and relieve itching and inflammation of the skin. Washing hair with it also balances the oil on the scalp and eliminates dandruff .

The direct use of cedar on the skin and hair is difficult and troublesome, so today with the advancement of technology, the form of use of medicinal plants has also changed. Gol-e-Kuh cedar soap is a product that can be used to enjoy the properties of cedar easily and without any problems. This soap contains natural cedar extract, so it has the same properties as cedar, and washing with it helps to eliminate skin inflammation and treat pimples on the face and body.

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