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Freeze Dry Shrimp - 135 gr - Feedli Food
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Product Details

  • Feedli Food
  • Iran
  • Freeze-dried shrimp
  • Sea water intake
  • 135g
  • Simply place the frozen frozen shrimp in the desired amount for 10 minutes in lukewarm water or 20 minutes in cold water to absorb the water. Then rinse and cook.
  • Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.


Fidley frozen frozen shrimp

Friedley frozen shrimp seafood package that has been processed by you, shrimp extracted from farms and ponds, hydrated from the southern sea of our beloved country, Bushehr province, which is provided without skin.

Qualitative and quantitative controls and detailed expert supervision and experiences in the field of shrimp fishing, attention to nutrition, hygiene and timely fishing, processing and processing by freeze drying, packaging and supply in a wide distribution network The result of the effort And planning to maintain nutritional value and provide safe and healthy food, has been a dear consumer for you.

But why is this seafood provided to you in a dry (frozen dry) method? Drying food has long been known as a way to preserve food from the distant past.

Extraction of water in the traditional way by surface evaporation (drying in air, drying in the sun, smoking and drying by wind) has been the practical method of drying food.

Today, other methods such as electric dryers and thermal tunnels have been used to speed up the drying process; But the use of freeze-drying method is the latest achievement of today's advanced technology, to effectively maintain the food quality of the product.

Increasing the shelf life of food up to several years, positive effect and maintaining food quality and water reversibility and food moisture when consumed; Important and unique advantages of the freeze-drying method over other methods.

In developed countries, the supply of meat processing and protein materials is a high percentage of this method, and despite the high cost of processing such products (up to 50%), but due to the superior features of such products, consumers welcome The syntax is increasing dramatically.

Lian Afra Biotechnology Company, as the only producer of agricultural products by freeze method, has started offering dried seafood products.

It is reminded that you, dear consumer, by providing these products, while providing health and food security for yourself and your family, you will pay only 10% extra cost, compared to the price of this product in frozen packaging.

On the other hand, you will enjoy the benefits of preserving nutritional value, freshness and high quality of the product, increasing shelf life, easy storage, easy transportation, non-oxidizing food and other benefits according to the processing done.

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