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Chocolate Sesame Cream - 10 kg - Tol Tal
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  • Chocolate Ardeh Cream
  • 10 Kg


Chocolate Ardeh Cream

Ardeh cream or sesame cream is prepared on the basis of Ardeh, in other words, Ardeh cream is the same Ardeh to which a little sugar and dry milk have been added. Ardeh cream is very similar to Ardeh halva, but it has a softer and more pasty texture than Ardeh halva. In this article, we will talk about the unique properties of Ardeh cream.

They use more flour for breakfast to get the energy they need for the whole day. This nutritious food does not contain any additives, both chemical and non-chemical, and is 100% natural. Ardeh has many properties for health and especially for weight loss.

The nature of wormwood

The nature of Ardeh cream is warm and moist and it is very useful for cold-tempered people.

Ardeh cream is the best food for winter

Sesame sesame is an energy food and is the best food for winter that the body needs more energy to warm up.

Ardeh cream to lower cholesterol and blood lipids

Consumption of a balanced amount of Ardeh during the week and month reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and increases the level of good blood fats or HDL.

Ardeh cream to supply calcium

Ardeh is an excellent source of calcium for the body and contributes to the strength and health of bones and teeth.

Soften the dimples

One of the properties of Ardeh cream is that it softens the firmness and swelling of the internal organs and dimples. Consumption of ardeh cooks and opens pimples and pimples in colds, so it can cause skin pimples in colds.

Ardeh cream for cancer prevention

Sesame seeds and the resulting food contain many antioxidants that prevent cancer in the body.

Properties and benefits of using Ardeh cream

Properties of Ardeh cream for women

Ardeh is regular and its consumption will cure uterine diseases.

Ardeh cream is the best food for children

Muzaffar Ardeh is highly recommended for children because it provides the necessary energy for children due to their high mobility and strengthens their memory.

Chocolate Ardeh cream and its incredible properties for weight loss

Consumption of sesame cream in cold-tempered people will reduce their weight and slimming because eating one to two spoons of sesame before a meal reduces appetite and makes a person eat less food and become thinner.

Beware of being overweight too!

Eating too much Ardeh cream will cause obesity and overweight because it contains high fat and many calories, so if you are sedentary and do not walk or exercise regularly, you will definitely gain weight by eating a lot of this food. شد. It is recommended that people who are thin and have a strong tendency to gain weight, use a combination of flour and juice.

Other properties of Ardeh cream:

Consumption of Ardeh cream is very effective in strengthening sexual power.

Consumption of Ardeh cream is useful for eliminating uterine diseases.

Consumption of Ardeh cream prevents cardiovascular diseases.

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