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Liquid Traditional Sheep Kashk - 900 gr - Vineh Shargh
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Product Details

  • Vineh Shargh
  • Traditional liquid sheep curd
  • 900 g
  • 6 pcs
  • 6 kg


Traditional pasteurized sheep curd liquid

Healthy without additives

Whey with its low volume is a food that has all the properties of milk. Whey contains calcium, fat, salt, protein and the vitamin niacin. The amount of energy produced by 100 grams of curd is about 105 to 120 kcal, which can be included as one of the sources of energy needed by the body in the daily diet.

Curd is made from buttermilk, curd often has a slightly sour taste and is used in foods such as kaleh, noodle soup and eggplant curd.

The traditional liquid sheep curd produced in the date market complex by the villagers is poured into yogurt and shaken by shaking it. After the butter is taken from the yogurt, what remains is the dough, which is one of the most delicious Iranian drinks. In some villages of Iran, to prepare "curd", this dough is poured into a bag and its water is taken; What is left behind, like yogurt, is a hard abstract called a latch.

Bodybuilding and fitness:

Whey, in addition to calcium, contains all the amino acids the body needs and has a significant amount of protein. You know for sure that the most important role of proteins in the body is to maintain tissues and produce them; Because bodybuilders are interested in bodybuilding and strengthening their muscles; They should know that with heavy exercise, their need for protein increases; As a result, athletes and bodybuilders should try curds with nuts and eggs in their meals or snacks.

Properties of local liquid curd:

  1. Help digest food

People who suffer from indigestion can get rid of this problem by consuming liquid curd regularly. On the other hand, whey can maintain stomach acid balance. Whey's ability to manage pH levels makes it a good treatment for indigestion.

  1. Impact on weight loss

Calcium limits the production of cortisol (a stress hormone), which helps prevent weight gain.

  1. Strengthen and strengthen the bones

Whey is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus. Both of these elements reinforce the elements. Therefore, whey is an ideal option to meet the body's need for calcium to strengthen bones and teeth. Regular consumption of whey makes bones stronger and this will prevent problems such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

  1. heart health

Whey helps prevent and reduce heart problems. Daily addition of whey to the diet is effective in lowering cholesterol levels and improving heart function.

  1. Boosting immunity system

Whey is one of the best probiotic food products that contains live microorganisms. These microorganisms are necessary for the health of the human body. As a result of increasing the strength of the immune system, the impact of pathogens on the health of the body is significantly reduced.

  1. Healthy and radiant skin

The nutrients in whey, such as vitamin E, zinc and other nutrients, are good for the skin. Putting curd on the skin of the face makes the skin smooth and radiant and soft.

  1. Suitable milk substitute

Lactose intolerance deprives some people of the benefits of milk. But whey is effective in easily digesting protein and other nutrients, so consuming it provides the same benefits as milk.

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