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Tahini - 1 kg - Tol Tal
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  • ارده
  • 1 Kg


ا رده تُل تَل

Ardeh is a liquid that is prepared from softly peeled and softly crushed sesame and its oil is not separated. They use more flour for breakfast to get the energy they need for the whole day. This nutritious food does not contain any additives, both chemical and non-chemical, and is 100% natural. Ardeh has many properties for health and especially for weight loss.

Parseh South Ardeh Date Company introduces first-class sesame that you can prepare.

Calorie Ardeh

The nutritional value of Ardeh for every 100 grams is as follows:

Nutrients per 100 grams

Energy 595 kcal

Carbohydrates 21.19 g

Fat 53.76 g

Protein 17.00 g

Water 3.05 g

Vitamin A 67 IU

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 1.220 mg (94%)

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 0.473 mg (32%)

Niacin (Vitamin B3) 5.450 mg (36%)

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 0.693 mg (14%)

Vitamin B6 0.149 mg (11%)

Folic acid (vitamin B9) 98 micrograms (25%)

Vitamin B 12.00 micrograms (0.)

Calcium 426 mg (43%)

Iron 8.95 mg (72%)

Magnesium 95 mg (26%)

Manganese 1.456 mg (73%)

Phosphorus 732 mg (105%)

Potassium 414 mg (9%)

Sodium 115 mg (5%)

Zinc 4.62 mg (46%)

Nature Ardeh Sesame

The nature of this product is warmer and it is very useful for cold-tempered people.

The best food for winter

Sesame sesame is an energy food and is the best food for winter that the body needs more energy to warm up.

Lower cholesterol and blood lipids

Consumption of a balanced amount of Ardeh during the week and month reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and increases the level of good blood fats or HDL.

Calcium supply

This product is an excellent source of calcium for the body and contributes to the strength and health of bones and teeth.

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