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Rashi Halva - 500 gr - Tol Tal
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  • Halva Rashi
  • 500 g


Halva Rashi

It is a kind of local halva whose main ingredients are date juice and sesame extract. After the date juice is heated until it changes color and turns white, roasted sesame extract is added to it. The mixture of juice and extract is then stirred on low heat for a long time to prepare the halva.

Halva Rashi in different countries of the world  It is prepared in different forms, which is slightly different from the Iranian type, but the main components, including sesame and sugar, are common to all of them. You need the following ingredients to prepare West Asian Ardeh Halva.

Ingredients needed to prepare rashi halva

Two tablespoons of brown sugar, ground white sesame, two-thirds of a cup, two-thirds of a cup of milk, vanilla extract or cocoa powder, one teaspoon of your choice, pistachios and almonds, one and a half cups each.

Properties of Halva Ardeh

Sesame: Reduces blood cholesterol, contains unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, B and E vitamins, strengthens bones and reduces osteoporosis, increases fertility in couples, especially men, eliminates poverty Iron in the blood can be used to treat and prevent neurological diseases, increase metabolism, contain antioxidants necessary for the body and prevent cancer, prevent headaches and migraine attacks.

Disadvantages of Halva Ardeh

Excessive consumption of Halva Ardeh is not recommended for people with diabetes due to its high volume of sugar. Also, its sweetness can cause cavities and caries in the teeth if personal hygiene is not observed. Excessive consumption of sesame can irritate the stomach, sesame is also very laxative and can cause diarrhea in people. For this reason, experts recommend that people observe moderation in consuming this food.

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