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Roasted Date Seed - 30 kg - Tol Tal
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  • Tol Tal
  • Iran
  • Roasted date kernels
  • 30 kg


Roasted kernels of dates

Roasted date kernels have amazing healing properties and are very good for the health of the body. Date kernels, like date fruits, have many properties and benefits that we will mention in the following. There are some date kernel derivatives on the market such as date kernel powder, decaffeinated date kernel coffee, date kernel oil, kohlrabi and kernels.

The most important applications of date kernel properties

Date kernel is used as one of the treatment methods for kidney and gallbladder stones. Date kernels contain a group of amino acids, oxalic acid, fibers useful for the digestive system, as well as its high capacity for weight loss.

Consumption of date kernel flour can be very useful and helpful in weight loss and slimming of obese people, as date kernel flour doubles the amount of caloric fuel and is the best option for diabetics, because it controls their blood sugar. Date kernel flour also helps treat dandruff and hair loss.

Other properties of date kernels include wound healing, increased immunity for pregnant women, treatment of diarrhea, elimination of kidney stones, helping to health and rejuvenation of skin and hair, treatment of hair loss and strengthening hair and repairing nails.

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