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Date Seed Powder - 1 kg - Tol Tal
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  • Tol Tal
  • Iran
  • Date kernel powder
  • 1 Kg
  • 6 Pack
  • 6 kg


Date kernel powder

Dates are a heavenly fruit whose amazing properties for healing the disease are widely discussed. From its anti-cancer properties to a nutritious source of fatigue and energy for the body, it can be considered a professional fruit. Date kernel powder, like dates, has unique properties. It can be used to treat eye diseases, shyness, as well as faster wound healing.

This miraculous product and healing medicine eliminates kidney stones, especially in severe cases. Also, date kernel powder has a great effect on increasing the body's immune system and with its high fiber, it is a completely diet product.

Properties of date kernels

Date kernels, which make up 6 to 15% of the total weight of ripe dates, are actually one of the processed date fruit products and are produced in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates. This substance is usually discarded or used as animal feed.

But some Arabs turn it into decaffeinated coffee and use it as a beverage. Date seeds are composed of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat, ash and protein. In addition, the amount of antioxidants in date seed oil (DSO) is similar to that of olive oil, which can be a good source of antioxidants to meet consumer needs.

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