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Date Seed Coffee Powder - 250 gr - Tol Tal
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Product Details

  • Tol Tal
  • Iran
  • Date Coffee
  • 250 grams
  • 20 packs
  • 5 kg


researches show that  Palm kernel coffee for at least 12 diseases including diabetes (normalization of blood sugar), excretion of kidney and bladder stones, elimination of kidney and bladder infections, treatment of rheumatism, joint pain, treatment of prostate, increased breast milk, reduction of hair loss, It calms the nerves and strengthens the immune system. In the following, we will get acquainted with other amazing properties of date coffee

This product is useful for all types of diabetes and this product naturally regulates the body's blood sugar level. Palm kernel coffee can be mixed with hot water, cold water or milk and tasted. Also, brewed date coffee has a warm nature and can be effective in improving kidney patients.

Properties of date coffee

This product grows eyelashes and increases the light of the eye and gives it a charming blackness. It is one of the strongest and most important enhancers and increases the amount of milk in breastfeeding women. If this product is used as an incense after childbirth, it helps the uterus to return to its original position quickly and is effective in reducing joint and bone pain.

Date coffee is also useful in relieving toothache. By putting some of it on the teeth and the pain is relieved due to its bitter taste and contractile properties. Numerous experiments have proven the effectiveness of palm kernel coffee in treating diabetes and preventing cancer. Experience has shown that consuming just a few days of date coffee can lower blood sugar in diabetics from high to normal levels, thus overcoming many of the adverse effects of high blood sugar.

Date Coffee Ingredients

Processed date kernels, date powder, cinnamon

How to consume palm kernel coffee

Twice a day, one to two tablespoons of jam in a cup of water can be brewed or mixed with milk. For better therapeutic effectiveness, it should be consumed without sugar.

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