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Hospitals Automatic Door - Model : Hermetic - Proshut Door
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  • Sliding Doors
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  • Proshut Door
  • Iran
  • Hermetic


Prochatter Hospital Automatic Doors

Design and production of Hermetic Hospital doors for the first time in the country

Design and manufacture of Heavy Duty Doors for use in hyperbaric centers with more openings for passing hospital beds for the first time in Iran.

Design and manufacture of radiophysical and radiation chambers to protect X-ray rays

Implementing a comprehensive intelligent traffic system for all parts of hospitals

Prochatter Hospital Automatic Doors   Suitable for use in operating rooms, labs, photographic rooms and radiographs, sterilization rooms, pharmaceutical industry, clean rooms and clean rooms.


Powerful, fast and quiet

Resistant to detergent and durable

Equipped with stainless steel panels

Equipped with lead walls to prevent damage and X-ray protection in accordance with the ICRP ICRP ICRP ICRP ICRU

Antibacterial and Seal when closing the door

Single-Layer and Two-Layer Installation

Powerful Heavy Duty Dual Engine

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