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Ferumik Chelate Fertilizer - Biozar Company
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  • As subsoil: Fruit trees: 50-60 g per tree, Grape trees: 20-30 g per tree, Citrus: 40-60 g per tree ,As solution (with irrigation water): Farm: 3 Kg per ha (twice) Gardens: 5 Kg per ha Greenhouse: 5 Kg per ha, As spray: Farm: 2 Kg per ha (twice) Gardens: 2 per 1000 L Vegetables: 3 Kg per ha
  • As subsoil (for tree): it is used around the trees as subsoil fertilizer with a 20-30 cm depth. As solution: dissolve the fertilizer content in a 100-200 liter barrel with a faucet. After entering water to the field, it will be entered to the field. As spray: Spray fertilizer as 2 Kg in 1000 L water to tree leaves and branches.
  • Contain appropriate amounts of Humic acid, Potassium and Iron. Provides favorable conditions for the uptake of other mineral elements. Increases tolerance to drought and salinity stress. Increases root development and increased production. Increases the shelf life of vegetables


This fertilizer is contains 6% Fe, 20% Humic compounds and 8% potassium that combination is very effective for resolve the iron deficiency. Ferumik contain chelated iron that perfect Suitable environment for the absorption of other micronutrients nutrients by humic compounds also it is best combination to control and salinity tolerance.
for hydroponics cultivation and drip irrigation produced liquid form.

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