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Uremic Nano Fertilizer - Biozar Company
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  • بیوزر
  • Iran
  • Garden: as sub soil, 300 g per tree, Vegetables: 100 to 300 Kg per ha in the seedling stage and before maturation, Wheat and barley: Dry land conditions use in two stages (tillering, clustering) 50 Kg per ha at each stage. In aqueous conditions use two-phase, 70 Kg per ha at each stage, Corn: in heights 25, 80 and 120 cm, use 60 kg per ha each stage, Rice: concomitant of planting seedlings, 50 Kg per ha twice weeks after transplanting 60 Kg per ha Aqueous, legumes: seedling stage 50 Kg per ha, before flowering 60 kg per ha, Greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers: every 20 days 5 Kg per 1000 square meters, Grass: 100 Kg per ha
  • Targeted conductance of urea, Plant Nutrition with micro and macro elements, Avoid the degradation of urea, especially in the sun and heat, Avoid damage to soil structure caused by the effects of urea, Soil fertility due to humic compounds, Increased root development and nutrient uptake efficiency, Concomitant increase resistance to drought and salinity, Appropriate for all crops, horticultural and ornamental reducing fertilizer use Due to the optimal combination of nutrients


Urea with multi-coated: Micronutrients (iron, zinc, manganese and magnesium)
Macro compounds (Phosphates P2O5 and Potassium K2O) and Sulfur (So3) Humic compounds

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