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  • As subsoil: Fruit: tree 30-60 gr per tree, Grape: tree 10-30 gr, per tree Citrus: 30-60 gr, per tree - As solution: Farm: 2 Kg per ha (twice), Garden: 4 Kg per ha, Greenhouse: 3 Kg per ha - As spray: Crops and vegetables: 1-2 Kg per ha, Garden: 2 per thousand
  • As subsoil (for tree): it is used around the trees as subsoil fertilizer with a 20-30 cm depth. As solution: dissolve the fertilizer content in a 100-200 liter barrel with a faucet. After entering water to the field, it will be entered to the field. As spray: add 2 Kg per each 1000 liters of water and spray the solution to stems and leafs..
  • Improvement of physical structure and fertility of soil, Increase availability of nutrients in soil, Improved flowering and fruit set, Improving resistance to environment stress, Improving resistance to pest and diseases


  • Seaumic is combine fertilizer of seaweed and Humic acid. Sea weed made from fresh kelp (Laminaria japonica).
  • Humic acid made from Leonardic .
  • Seaumic contributes to greater microbial activity in the soil and this is turn, together with greater root development leads to increased nutrient availability.
  • Seaumic is rich in all kinds of nutrition element and plant growth regulators including nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, calcium, magnesium, microelement (Cu, Fe, Zn, Mo, and B), Alginic acid, Cytokinin, Betaine, Mannitol, Polysaccharid Iodine and Amino acids.

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