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Office Automation and Secretariat Software
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  • Iran
  • Shomaran System
  • Enterprise
  • Programming & Development
  • Secretariat and Correspondence, Advanced Features, Communication with workflow teams


Accomplishments of the Shomaran DMS Implementation

Implementing the Shomaran DMS leads to the following achievements:
• Developing the paperless office
• Follow up and access to letters and referrals at anytime and anywhere without physical presence (teleworking)
• Development of external interactions by defining the users outside the organization such as suppliers, consultants, contractors, etc. (B2G, B2B, B2C)
• Exchanging the correspondence generated by the Shomaran DMS for other automations' through the ECE protocol
• Defining workflows of each sector in the organization using the Work Flow tool
• Reduction of organizational costs by saving paper and filing space
• Saving time through features such as setting up meetings, sending notification reminders and agendas to invitees
• Archiving minutes of meetings, assigning activities to users, etc.
• Increasing the productivity of the organization due to the integration of DMS software with business processes of Shomaran Company and other companies in the fields of Financial, Management, Administrative, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Supply and Distribution Chain, etc.
• Planning, scheduling, and prioritizing the activities of users using the possibility of project management
• Preventing the duplication of functions regarding the collection and processing of data
• Control of organizational records, documents and information using appropriate and accurate management of access levels

Secretariat and Correspondence

Organizational Chart

• Creating a graphical display of the organizational chart
• Creating several independent organizational charts and determining the relations between them
• Defining organizational positions and allocating an individual to one or more positions along with setting the expiration date

Secretariat Software

The Secretariat Software of Shomaran, by providing various ports, makes it possible to receive the incoming and outgoing mails of the organization. The Secretariat of Shomaran registers all letters entering to or sent out of the organization in different ways such as fax, email, scan, etc.; also, all correspondence of the organization are circulated electronically without any physical displacement. The image of original letters or any other document is electronically archived in this software. some other useful features are:
• Multiple secretariats in centralized and decentralized forms
• Record books for each secretariat along with reference number templates
• Various security and confidentiality classification of office letters and their relations.
• Advanced search for referrals, keywords, highly repeated topics
• Multiple templates to print internal and external letters
• Sending and receiving letters using the ECE standard
• Creating the draft letter, annotations in letters, and digital signatures


• Electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) is used to perform affairs related to members of the organization as well as beneficiaries outside the organization (consultants, contractors, suppliers, etc.); in this way that members can view the previous measures and register their instructions and comments to be sent to other users for future actions. Correspondence and referrals are circulated based on the organizational chart and business processes. some other useful features are:
• Customization and filing of portfolio based on the sender, client, and type of activity
• Categorizing letters based on the sender, client, type of activity, and so forth
• Delegation of authority by each user
• Monitoring the portfolio of subset posts based on the organizational chart
• Sending referrals and circulating letters to the archives and receiving them back
• Alarms for letters, referrals, messages and appointments
• Reporting and graphically displaying the records of referrals
• Attaching circulating letters and referrals to other referrals


Appointments and Reminders

• Recording daily appointments with regard to the required resources
• Setting up appointments and meetings by office secretaries
• Setting activities in the calendar as a reminder
• Sending appointments and meetings notification reminders to invitees via SMS

Send and Receive Messages

Phone book


knowledge management

Records and Documents Management

The Shomaran's DNS provides the possibility of classification, maintenance, and management of records and documents as well as the classification of organizational knowledge. The feature also makes it possible to simply and easily classify, edit, observe, and track the previous versions of edited documents while maintaining their security.
• Users can be granted access to documents at three levels including display, editing, and deletion for each group of documents
• Editing the characteristics and input fields of each document by the Form Builder tool
• Designing the workflow of documents using the Work Flow tool (creation or modification, confirmation, approval or cancelation)
• Observation and reporting of all activities performed by users on each document
• Viewing the referral, confirmation, or rejection of changes made in documents through the portfolio

Photo gallery

Bulletin board

Report Builder

• Building custom reports using the Stimul Report tool based on the combination of information fields by taking into account the confidentiality level
• Building custom reports based on the combination of information fields or as a single field
• Printing the results and saving reports in a preferred format
• Various graphical charts and schematic reports

Access Levels

• Defining user groups and assigning access levels to a group or an individual along with determining the period of validity
• Providing the field- and object-level access
• Control of users' login to the system based on the internal network access levels
• Control of users' login to the system based on SMS Authentication
• Maintaining the images of users' signatures
• The ability to separate web users

Web- and Windows-based user interface

Advanced Features

Projects Management

• Setting organizational activities in the form of a project as well as users who perform the activities and their verifiers
• Prioritizing activities and determining the prerequisite activity
• Scheduling activities and implementation phases of the project and determining the weight of each activity compared to the entire project
• Definition and allocation of financial and human resources according to the project activities
• Following up measures and determining the project progress percentage; defining verifiers of each activity and automatically sending to the next person in the case of being confirmed
• Sending automatically the dedicated activity of each individual through the portfolio
• Providing the project progress report and deviation from the plan

E-mails Center (Sending and Receiving E-mails)

• Sending and receiving e-mails by users without having access to Internet
• Mail Server connectivity to send and receive e-mails through the portfolio
• Creating editable documents under different formats to be sent to one or more receivers along with the capability of attaching files
• Scheduling e-mails to be sent at a certain time
• Management of multiple users' access to a specific e-mail of the organization
• Attaching one or more e-mails to circulating referrals
• Applying different access levels for sending and receiving e-mails

Fax Center (Sending and Receiving Faxes)

• Sending and receiving faxes related to each user
• Sending and receiving faxes through the portfolio
• Implementing access control to determine the level of access to sent and received faxes
• Providing various reports based on the delivery status, phone numbers, the number of sent faxes, date, etc.

SMS Center (Sending SMS)

• Sending Multi language SMS regarding appointments, meetings, referrals, etc.
• Sending SMS to a list of individuals, certain phone numbers, groups in the phone book, etc.
• Sending types of texts as ready-made templates
• Sending SMS without the users' need to have an access to Internet or mobile numbers
• Sending SMSs containing status information at any stage of business processes

Time Attendance

• Users can view and check their functions such as deductions, overtime, leave of absence, and assignment on a daily or monthly basis
• Viewing the arrival and departure time, daily and monthly functions, delay and rush, overtime, assignment, daily and hourly leaves of absence, etc. in the portfolio by each user
• Receiving the information of the time attendance machine to make decision in the intelligent workflow
• Reporting the functions of lower-level employees

Video Communication

• Video communication of several people at a time with no limit on the number of users
• Holding simultaneous meetings among different units of the organization
• Viewing and sharing current applications of computer and servers
• Exchanging images, videos and other file types

Business activity monitoring

Converting Management Information Systems (MIS) to Process Systems

Communication with workflow teams

Business Processes Management System (BPMS)

• The BPMS of Shomaran is able to define various workflows by identifying the needs and trends of processes and considering appropriate timing for the implementation of tasks. Using workflows the processes of the organization can be implemented simply and automatically step by step. Accordingly, it will be possible to specify and control the responsibilities and duties of individuals in the organization.
• Graphically defining workflows and business processes
• Setting conditions and making decisions at different stages of the workflow and process
• Unlimited management and implementation of multiple concurrent processes
• Automatic processing at different stages of a workflow based on the defined conditions
• Setting a deadline for the response (action) at any part of the workflow to go out of the process and delegate the authority
• Connecting to another data bank and applying the conditions from another data bank

Process Design Tools

Form Builder

• Defining types of information forms with various formats as well as defining information tables in each form
• Circulation of defined forms based on Engine Work Flow or the organizational chart
• Making connections between forms and using the information of a form within the other forms.
• Defining basic information forms and determining the dependence between their information
• Determining mandatory fields
• Creating Master-detail forms
• Process and non-process reporting of operational forms

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