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Cost Price Software
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  • Iran
  • Shomaran System
  • Enterprise
  • Programming & Development
  • Calculating the cost price of products, Calculating and reporting the cost price of semi-manufactured goods ...


Managers, to plan and control the operations of the organization, rely on the accounting reports of the cost price. The Shomaran Cost Price Software processes information based on recording actual operations of the production. This software can be run for manufacturing and industrial companies whose products are manufactured in stages, or according to the work order or by-product method. The Shomaran Cost Price Software, in addition to calculating the cost price of products, is capable of calculating and reporting the cost price of semi-manufactured goods (based on their materials, salaries, and overheads) at the end of each month. The reports of cost price, without any contradiction, are consistent with accounting, sales and warehouse reports. The reports are provided monthly and yearly using the Perpetual Inventory Method.

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