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Accrual Comprehensive & Integrated Software
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  • Iran
  • Shomaran System
  • Enterprise
  • Programming & Development
  • Credits, Accounting, Treasury, Financial Statements, Fixed Assets, Warehouse and Commodity, Procurement, Payroll, Staffing and Personnel Actions,


Accrual Comprehensive & Integrated Software

  • Accounting: Defining accounts at 20 different levels, automatically generating accounting entries, registering books, reporting books and balances, and reviewing accounts

Making timely and strategic management decisions is impossible without a proper control and monitoring of the information by an integrated financial system. The Shomaran Accounting Software is capable of collecting, classifying, and recording the financial information of all sectors in the organization. Also, benefiting the integrity feature of this software, the financial information of all other software (collected from sectors such Treasury, Trading, Fixed Assets, Cost Price, Payroll, etc.) is automatically recorded in this software; and quick and instant access to the required information and reports is provided as well. The other advantage of this software is to provide financial statements at the end of each month as well as on time management reports.

  • Treasury: issuing receipts and costs sheets, printing cheques,...


Issuing receipts and costs sheets, printing cheques, banks and fund management, control and estimation of liquidity
Awareness of the liquidity situation and control of receipts and payments is a way to monitor the financial performance of an organization. Planning funds aimed at correct and accurate allocation of resources prevents waste of resources. This purpose can be achieved only by using appropriate tools. The Shomaran Treasury Software, through the collection and classification of information of receipts and payments as well as recording the relevant accounting documents, helps financial mangers control the liquidity and monitor cash flows.

  • Financial Statements: defining profits and losses statements, balance sheets,...

Defining profits and losses statements, balance sheets, notes attached to financial statements, financial ratios
One of the main needs of managers of organizations is to provide and present fundamental and reliable financial statements. For this purpose, they need to use appropriate tools. The Shomaran Financial Statements Software which enjoys a parametric design is proper software to provide fully automated fundamental reports and financial statements. Users can optionally define financial statements and ratios and receive the relevant reports by recording each event.


  • Fixed Assets: Asset Status Card, mechanized registration of monthly...

Asset Status Card, mechanized registration of monthly depreciation of assets, properties reports
Full control and access to timely information on fixed assets has been always one of the concerns of managers in organizations and production units. Having access to detailed reports on the utilization, depreciation, abandonment, transfer, etc. of assets is considered as one of the necessities of the organization for proper planning of fixed assets. The Shomaran Fixed Asset Software makes it possible to accurately identify assets, calculate the depreciation cost and accumulated depreciation and issue the depreciation note at the end of each month.

  • Warehouse and Commodity: the issuance and registration of all documents relate...

The issuance and registration of all documents relate to the warehouse, management of the goods shipped to the manufacturer, control of consignments, issuance of warehousing and inventory documents.
The Warehouse & Commodity Software has been designed and implemented to automate all activities related to the circulation of materials inventories, semi-finished, finished and consumer goods. The software, in fact, includes the processes of product request to its delivery and purchase request to control and arrival of goods to the warehouse. it also provides the possibility of identifying and displaying the inventory of goods through the order number as well as separated tracking.

  • Procurement: recording purchase invoices in Rials or other currencies,...

Recording purchase invoices in Rials or other currencies, issuing automated documents of purchase operations, reporting purchase of goods or purchase from persons.
Engaging in the procurement process and providing internal needs of an organization along with a systematic mechanism requires an integrated and manageable system. Accordingly, the Shomaran Procurement Software provides appropriate features to control purchases previously made or the ones planned to be performed in the future. Also, the software provides the possibility of comparing goods purchased from various sources, which can be an important factor in controlling finances at the time of purchase.


  • Payroll: Calculating salary and issuing payroll receipt, recording and calculating service redemption, leave, settlement, and bonus

Payroll calculations are one of the most time-consuming and fallible activities of the organization, which is always prone to the risk of human errors in collecting the data of functions and accurately calculating salaries and benefits of staff. The Shomaran Payroll Software is capable of defining types of employment, benefits and deductions, payment computational procedures, etc. in a parametric way and users are able to set payment terms according to the regulations of their organization. Some important features of this software are calculation of group settlements, complex calculations of back pays, and record of staff functions according to each project.

  • Staffing and Personnel Actions: base computational tables of salaries and...

Staffing and Personnel Actions: base computational tables of salaries and employment status, recording staff profiles, accounting and sentencing personnel actions
The Shomaran Staffing & Personnel Actions Software has been defined to record staff data in the human resources area and keep a lot of detailed information about them. An important part of the information is used to calculate salaries and benefits. Also, the software automatically proposes personnel actions which can be transferred to the Payroll Software after being approved or modified. Proposing outstanding actions as well as providing optional reports can be mentioned as other important features of this software.

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