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Cardiac Rehabilitation (Telemetry System)
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Product Details

  • ACR-6000
  • Iran
  • Avecinna Company
  • 4 up to 64 devices
  • Patients' ECG signal Wirelessly
  • treadmill, bike and arm simultaneously
  • Calorie, BMI, Vo2, BMR, RMR, Normal weight, Ideal weight
  • Intelligent visual & audio warning system
  • ISO 13485:2003, 2012 and ISO 9001: 2008, IEC60601-1:2005,IEC60601-1-2:2007, IEC62304:2006, CE2195
  • All Ports


Cardiac Rehabilitation Telemetry System

Central Cardiac Rehabilitation System for control of 4 devices, expandable up to 64 devices

Monitoring & recording patients’ ECG signal without wires, up to 100 m radius parallel control of treadmill, bike and arm simultaneously

Calculation and display of calorie, BMI, Vo2, BMR, RMR, Normal weight, Ideal weight

Color online print at any time on A4 paper

Separate planning ability for each patient

Protocol definition ability without any stage restriction by operator

With 200 predefined standard cardiac rehabilitation protocols for 12, 24 or 36 sessions for patients

Intelligent visual & audio warning system to inform the patient’ health status

Calculation, display and analyze the values of ECG, Mets, Watt, Slope, Speed, BP on charts

Intelligent speed treadmill control system according to changes in heart rate

Circuit protection against electrical shock

Connection ability to CPET device for respiratory & pulmonary tests

Matching ability with Recumbent & Ergo arm of German Emotion Fitness Company

Treadmill with 6HP/ AC power motor & 200Kg load capacity of weight


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

two year warranty

Ten years after sales services and parts supply by AVECINNA Company

Five years warranty for treadmill motors of Cardiac rehabilitation system

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