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Micronize Gilsonite - Nikan
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Product Details

  • powder
  • Nikan
  • Iran
  • Micronize Gilsonite
  • wt% -12 (ASTM-D3174)
  • wt%- 2 (ASTM-D3173)
  • wt% -62 (ASTM-D3175)
  • wt%- 28 (ASTM-D3172)
  • wt.% -80 (ASTM-D4)
  • 1 (ASTM-D3289)
  • wt%- 85 (ASTM-D3279)
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cº 225 ±- 5 (ASTM-D36)
  • 10 -1 mm- 0 (ASTM-D5)
  • 56 (ASTM-D2042)
  • wt% -72 (ASTM-D5291)
  • wt% -6.9 (ASTM-D5291)
  • wt%- 0.64 (ASTM-D5291)
  • wt%- 2.9 (ASTM-D5291)
  • wt%
  • Our company is currently capable of producing three types of Gilsonite in different sizes according to the customer request. 1- Gilsonite micronized powder with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and ashes (between zero and 25 percent). 2- Gilsonite lump with ash percentage between Zero and 25. 3- Granulated Gilsonite with a diameter of 30 to 40 meshes. We offer a variety of packaging options based on customer order as follows: 1- (25kg+-5%) multi-layer laminate bags. 2- (25kg+-5%) multi-layer paper bags.


Gilsonite main Indications: 1. Drilling Fluids -Gilsonite improves drilling efficiencies, wellbore, stability, filter cake development and more. 2. Construction   A new standard for speed and strength in concrete expansion joints.            3. Inking and painting Gilsonite.  Superior binding and carbon black dispersion make gilsonite the ideal ink additive.                         The unique natural properties of Gilsonite make it the must-have, high-performance ink additive for top quality newspapers, magazines and other publications. Paints and Stains: Bond together against the elements with the unique qualities of gilsonite stain and paint additive. For weatherproof paint bonding and fade-resistant stain pigments, Gilsonite is the high-performance, cost-effective choice. Because of the unique properties of Gilsonite, it gives paint an excellent bond to almost any material that needs to be protected from the elements. It is a critical high-performance, low-cost paint additive for anticorrosive paints, underbody paints and pipe coatings. 4. Asphalt and paving Gilsonite Use gilsonite in asphalt binder and recycled asphalt to build roads that last. High-performance road surfaces have long been made possible with the use of Gilsonite. 5-Foundry: Foundries around the world have known for decades that when the fire of molten iron meets foundry sand, Gilsonite makes the difference. 6-Cementing: Gilsonite is effective lost circulations materials that assure zonal isolation and reduces environmental risk. As the challenges presented by today’s wellbore configurations increase, a properly designed cementing process is critical to keeping the wellbore isolated, protected and environmentally sound

Chemical Composition:

Sample of Gilsonite (Natural Bitumen) Specification 1 Ash Content,wt% -12 (ASTM-D3174) 2 Moisture Content,wt%- 2 (ASTM-D3173) 3 Volatile Matter,wt% -62 (ASTM-D3175) 4 Fixed Carbon,wt%- 28 (ASTM-D3172) 5 Solubility in CS2, wt.% -80 (ASTM-D4) 6 Specific Gravity @ 25 Cº -1 (ASTM-D3289) 7 Normal Heptane Insolubles,wt%- 85 (ASTM-D3279) 8 Color in mass -Black  9 Color in streak or powder- brown  10 Softening Point, Cº 225 ±- 5 (ASTM-D36) 11 Penetration @ 25 Cº, 10 -1 mm- 0 (ASTM-D5) 12 Solubility in tricholoroethylene -56 (ASTM-D2042) Element Analysis 1 Carbon,wt% -72 (ASTM-D5291) 2 Hydrogen,wt% -6.9 (ASTM-D5291) 3 Nitrogen,wt%- 0.64 (ASTM-D5291) 4 Oxygen,wt%- 2.9 (ASTM-D5291) 5 Sulphur,wt%

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