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Calcium Liquid Fertilizer - Biozar Company
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Product Details

  • Plant Food
  • Biozar
  • Iran
  • Liquid
  • The fertilizer can be added directly to the soil, or by spraying on the leaves of fruit trees, citrus fruits, crops and other agricultural products.
  • Calcium in this fertilizer strengthens the cell wall of the plant, grows the root and crown cleavage points, neutralizes the acidity of the cell sap, activates the enzyme and makes the protein in the plant. It also increases the absorption of calcium in the fruit of the storage period and The plant also protects the fruit against many diseases, such as brown spots on the fruit tissue, internal caries, cartilage cartilage, and so on.
  • Using calcium in gardens, fields and greenhouses increases the product per unit area and increases the quality of the product. Calcium plays a role in the formation of the roots, leaves, increasing the number of flowers on the plant, changing the color fast and accelerating the ripening of products, preventing the blackness of the flower bulb, especially in tomatoes and watermelons.

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